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August 02, 2012


Stefan Parmark

Wow! You really know how to use humour to fool me into reading your post, and suddenly I realise that this is really useful!
I mean, when I started on my blog, I had problems to focus on it, and my first goal was to sit down and write for 2 hours. And I did, and found that the next day, I could write for a longer period of time. Today, I just keep going and can almost not turn it off when I go to bed. And in my dreams, I get clues about how to proceed. :-)
I have been using the Tetris Effect without knowing it!
I will start writing my gratitude and good things lists tonight.
Many thanks, Kristin!

Kristin L. Roush, Ph.D.

Hi Stefan!
Awesome! You know, you got me thinking. All of this really underscores the importance of being aware of our mental activity. I am reminded of the old adage, "garbage in, garbage out."

I would guess that even watching violence on TV, while perhaps not translating to violent behavior, could be insidiously wiring my brain to be more sensitive to violence. I don't want that.

It's always nice to hear from you. For everyone else, please check out Stefan's excellent self-improvement blog at www.StefanParmark.com

Stefan Parmark

Yes, you are right, Kristin. Every time you do something you create new neural links. Intense feelings, like when you experience a traumatic event, strengthen the neural links. But when you start doing something else, like playing Tetris, and you focus on it, you build new "Tetris" links, and since you don't focus on the trauma anymore, those links weaken.
The mind is powerful if you know how it works, and how to use it.

Many thanks for promoting my blog! I try to write high quality articles that will give people tools to create an amazing life. Your help is much appreciated.

Kristin L. Roush, Ph.D.

Thanks for re-iterating the neural pathways piece. All of this is related to Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology. For an excellent book that explains more about the neurology of behavior, check out Tara Bennett-Goleman's book, Emotional Alchemy.

Daniel Speraw

Thank you for an wonderful idea. Daniel

Kristin L. Roush, Ph.D.

You are very welcome. So glad you stopped by. Look forward to hearing from you again, Daniel!

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