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October 15, 2012


Patricia Fleming

Kris, I have thought of you so often in recent weeks, especially when I drive past La Posada...hoping you are all right in "the process" and hoping you know or sense how many of us here in Green Valley admired and respected your mother, and you as well. Sending a big hug, lots of light, and love...Patricia Fleming

Kristin L. Roush, Ph.D.

Hi Patricia,
Yes, thank you so much. The love that all of mom's friends in Green Valley shared was and is so healing for me. Your outpouring of support was humbling. Please let everyone know that our family is hanging in there and that you all hold a special place in our hearts.

Rodolfo Espindola

Ms. Roush, I am sorry about your loss; it did strike me and made me realize that my mom won't be around too long, due to her many illnesses. My dad has followed the 12 Step program for 36 years already. He is a warrior just like I assume your mom was. You can count on my prayers. I know you will feel the comfort of the good Lord in this sad event.

Rodolfo Espindola, your student forever...

Kristin L. Roush, Ph.D.

Dear Rodolfo,
Thank you so very much for taking the time to share your thoughts and kind words. I hope your mother's final months or years are full of ease and gentleness. I am sure she adores you; what a kind man you are. Your dad's 36 years are an incredible achievement; you must be very proud of him and grateful for his recovery. I wish you the best. Please do keep in touch and know that I remember you fondly, with best wishes for your son as well.
In peace,

Leah Peters

I am so very, very sorry to hear about your mother. What a tremendous blessing that you were able to be there with her. Thinking of you and your family during this time...keep the dog and kleenex close.

Kristin L. Roush, Ph.D.

Hi Leah,
You are very sweet to write and share your thoughts. I appreciate your kindness. Yes, I will continue in this process wherever it leads, dog and kleenex in hand. :)


Hi Kris,
I took your Death & Dying class at CNM two Springs ago (You had me go down and rewind a movie and the VCR ate the movie). I wanted to say thank you for what you taught me. It has allowed me to be the strong one when it comes to death. From December 19, 2011 to May 16, 2012, I have lost three grandparents (one was on my birthday), an aunt, and my sister-in-law. I learned to take it one day at a time; some days are good and others are not. Most importantly, you showed me the importance of death and how to plan my own. Again, thank you! Keep your head up. Smile through the bad and remember the good.

Kristin L. Roush, Ph.D.

Hi Amber,
I remember you. Thank you so much for stopping your busy world for a moment to share what's been going on for you. I can't imagine five family deaths in six months. I am struck by your strength and resilience and humbled that our class might have played a role in your ability to take such loss in relative stride. And thank you for your encouragement as I follow your lead.

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