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February 05, 2013



This article is a keeper!

Tom Adams

Great ideas! This stuff works to get through the seemingly unbearable "hardtimes".


Great stuff, as always! Thanks, Kris!

Kristin L. Roush, Ph.D.

Hi Mike,
Thanks so much for being a loyal reader!

Kristin L. Roush, Ph.D.

Hi, Tom and Amy!
I am so glad you find my tips helpful! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I really appreciate it!

Mary Maulsby

I'm going through one of those wonderful lightening rounds right now! Thanks for reminding me to breathe and to simplify. It beats staring at the wall in overwhelm.

Kristin L. Roush, Ph.D.

Yay, Mary!
Your comment made it this time! And I am so sorry this is a "tilt" time for you. You are so good at remembering the big spiritual picture; I am sure you will come through this time with grace.
Much love back to you,


Hello Kristin,

Thank you a lot for this article. It seems I'm having the "too much" period of life right now and these tips really made me feel better. I also believe that intense physical activity is one of the key points in overcoming these hard days.

The problem is that when you find yourself in the ""falling apart" condition, you tend to think and analyze a lot. You start dwelling on your past mistakes and become uncertain about your future.

And a physical activity helps you to focus all your attention on the present moment. I recommend jogging, swimming and, especially, taking some martial arts classes. Why? Because martial arts training requires the most attention from you. If you start dwelling on your thoughts during the training, you may simply get punched or kicked in the face. Yes, it may be a little bit tough, but a martial arts class gives your mind 1-2 hours of rest from all the negative thoughts.

Kristin L. Roush, Ph.D.

Hey Alex,
I am so sorry this is a tough time for you. I am sure you will move through it just fine. I totally agree with your suggestion about the value of physical activity. Research shows it cab be as or more efffective for depression than either anti-depressants or talk therapy. And we're not just talking about a short burst of endorphins, either.
I think my article was trying to address the more acute, initial stage of overwhelm. As soon as one feels able to exert any kind of energy and can get past that paralyzing inertia, I think exercise is great. Thanks so much for your comment, Alex!


Hi Kristin,

Your list is so right on for me. I'm currently in therapy and my therapist has suggested some of those same points. Makes a big positive difference.

Kristin L. Roush, Ph.D.

Hi Debby,
Thanks so much for confirming that these tips are helpful for you.
I wish you the best!


Hello Kris,
I recently made a big move to another state and seem to be in the spiral "tilt". Since I haven't made friends out here yet, I didn't have anyone close to talk to. Things got real hard for me and I ended up on medication to help. I also started seeing a therapist, which also helped me to see that the move was a lot better for not only myself but my children. There is nothing wrong with seeking help if you are are overwhelmed. We all need someone to let us know that everything will be alright and to have someone to understand us. The breathing technique really does help let go of the stress we feel in our daily life. I love reading your posts when I get a chance because they help me to see I am not alone. Thank you, Kris.

Kristin L. Roush, Ph.D.

Hi Sharlene,
Wow, moving to a new state where you don't know anyone is a big step. I can appreciate that it can be overwhelming and I am so glad you gave yourself the gift of seeing a therapist to lend yourself some support! Yes, it will all be OK, particularly if you can remind yourself to stay in the now.
I was once lamenting to my mother on a Thanksgiving day about all the pressures I was experiencing. She listened patiently and then finally interrupted with, "And today is Thursday." This is my new daily mantra - every day of the week.
I am so glad you find the posts helpful. Your comment helps me to be re-invigorated and to start publishing more regularly now.
Thank you!

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