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January 16, 2016


Mary Maulsby

This is great, Kris! You are so good at explaining psychological concepts and you are such a great speaker! I think a lot of people confuse high self-esteem with being conceited, so they don't want to appear to have good self-esteem.

I am also glad you pointed out that people often self-sabotage due to poor self esteem. It's so sad. They visualize and visualize what they want, but if they don't feel they deserve it deep down, it doesn't happen.
'Gotta keep peeling that onion!

Thanks for this post, Kris!


Cindy Gaillard

Kris! What a great and thoughtful essay. As the recipient of some of your wisdom I have learned to lead a creative department of 5 strong, talented, creative documentary producers and have learned to surf the waves of ambiguity through my own creative process. It's not been easy. But then again, the journey isn't supposed to be, in fact, it is supposed to be challenging to both mind and spirit. Divorcing self worth from accomplishments and making it a core value in which to hold one's own sense of being in the world is a message that I have treasured from our time together. It has kept me both sane and brave.
Peace and love my friend! Cindy

Kristin L. Roush, Ph.D.

Thank you, Cindy, for taking the time to post a comment. It is great to hear from you, especially since we haven't seen each other in a hundred years. I really appreciate your input from the perspective of a leader and as one who supervises other professionals. By the way, you are so articulate. Let me know if you would ever like to be a guest writer for a post. Yes, our sense of who we are and our place in the larger context is essential for our emotional intelligence, peak performance, and overall life satisfaction. Self esteem. Get some. Now.

Judy Siebenaler

Thanks, Kris. You have always been one of my wisest teachers and for this, I am grateful. I see that you are able to share your wisdom at many different venues. You're doing it, Kris! Yay!! I remember when you said it out loud that that's what you wanted to do. Intention is big. I once woke up in the night saying, "I have to get my intestines straight." Even in my sleep fullness, I realized that was truly not my intention!! This post is and will probably continue to be exactly what I need to hear. Mary's input on deserving what I'm visualizing has "breakthrough" potential! So, thanks, ladies!! You matter so much to me!


Thanks for sharing your insights. I always
get a lot from reading your perspective on things!

Kristin L. Roush, Ph.D.

Hi Mike,
Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. It means alot to me. I am also so glad you found something helpful in this post.
Big hug and best wishes!

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