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"Tomorrow is the Greatest Thief of Today"

I came up with the title of today's post as I was asking myself, "What is getting in the way of doing what I need to do today?" Was it un-anticipated tasks? Was it the Dice Today Tomorrow
temptation of "avoidance behavior" - TV, the book I want to finish, or the pleasant surprise of an invitation from a friend?  Was it circumstances outside of my control that completely de-railed my good intentions? 

No. It was none of these.  It was simply the too tempting availability of something that doesn't even exist: tomorrow. Tomorrow beckons me from less than a day away, and slowly the rest of today fades into a blur,  and tomorrow's clean slate comes into focus as a much better option to start a new project.

Today is already cluttered with distractions. Tomorrow won't have any distractions.  Except, . . . . I think I said that yesterday. 

Why Do We All Identify With Susan Boyle? Because We're ALL Moved and Shaken!

I just left a comment on another blogger's site - - about self-esteem, and it reminded me of the amazing singer,Susan Boyle.  SheMoved and Shaken Images exploded onto the scene in 2009 when she sang "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Miserables on the Britain's Got Talent show. She was an overnight sensation because of her beautiful singing voice. What seemed to really endear her to the rest of the world, though, was her rather plain physical appearance, which seemed such a contrast to that marvelous voice.  Everyone was shocked that such a thing of beauty could come out of that rather plain package.

And then I wondered, who were the people who were so moved by her? Everyone was! Not just the majority of us "plain janes" who could readily identify with Ms. Boyle's underdog status.  Even "the beautiful people" among us, the rich, high status physically gorgeous celebrities among us wept with appreciation for this shy, scared, and sweetly meek middle-aged lady. Who did they see when they looked at Susan? Who did they "connect" with?

I believe that there is a Susan Boyle in each of us, even "the beautiful people" of the world. Yes, even those powerful "movers and shakers" (if you'll excuse the expression!), those captains of industry, those famous movie stars, the runway models and even the high school cheerleaders - all have a place inside them that is scared, that is afraid of rejection, that just wants to be liked and to belong somewhere. Susan Boyle mirrored that place in all of us and that's why we love her. We cheer her on and it gives us hope that maybe we can be seen and appreciated for who we are deep down inside. That little child in us, that part of us that is insecure, "unattractive," and lonely that just wants to be loved and reassured. 

So, maybe stop for a moment and go inside and give that little one a hug and some reassurance that you are fine and that you are lovable- just the way you are. Homework Assignment: Give yourself a hug. Then, go find some runway models and hug them!

Welcome to Moved and Shaken!

Behind Computer
My name is Kristin Roush and I am indeed, moved and shaken! This is the first post of my first blog. Quite honestly, it's more of a practice post because I really don't know what I'm doing. I have a very preliminary blog design set up. I think. In about 2 weeks, I hope to have a professionally designed site up and running for you. I don't have any widgets yet (still learning what those are). I don't know how to link you to anything. I don't know the difference between RSS and CSS. I don't know how to insert an image yet, but I know I'm supposed to insert images. The book said so.

I have the Blogging for Dummies book next to me here on the dining room table. Yesterday, I figured out all by myself how to add the link to Amazon. It's over there on the right hand side of the page. Please click on that Amazon link and go buy a book. I am told that if you do, I will get some kind of little commission. Cool, huh? Today, I figured out all by myself how to create a list of some of my favorite books. I didn't think the actual list and my comments were going to show up right there on the front page. I thought I made a link to the list and then another page would have the books listed on that page. Oh, well..

I made a Page yesterday about my private practice, The Nob Hill Wellness Center. It cut me off about halfway down the page, as though I'm not allowed to write anymore. Now I can't find it anywhere; I thought I saved it as a Draft. Don't worry, I'll find it for you at some point, I'm sure.

Why am I telling you all of this? Well, because it's a great illustration of me being not very together. I am way out of my element here when it comes to computers. I can let you see that about me because 1) I can't very well hide it 'cuz it's so obvious, and more importantly, 2) my sense of confidence and self-esteem must be at least adequate, and 3) I'm a recovering perfectionist and while I'd rather wait to publish my first post until after my site is "perfect," I am going to "feel the fear and do it anyway" as a statement of self-acceptance. So, here's my post and here's my blog. Please stick with me and follow along as I find my way through this process (Wait- I don't think I've set up that little icon to click in order to get the e-mail with new posts in it yet. You'll have to just come to me every day until I get that thing inserted).

I so look forward to sharing with you some things that I do know a little bit about - like courage and self-love, like smiling through adversity and frustration, and especially, how to just not take yourself too seriously. Ha-Ha! Where's the champagne? I want to go toast to being "moved and shaken." Here's to all of us!