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A couple years ago, I was lamenting to a successful fast track friend of mine that my personality is just not that of a "mover and shaker" professional. In fact, I said, I relate more to being "the moved and the shaken!" We both laughed out loud and within a week, I  bought the domain name, knowing I would write a book someday by the same title. Or maybe a blog. Or both.

And here we are!

I had never read a blog before starting this process two months ago. Thank goodness for the Blogging for Dummies book, and the great support from the Typepad folks. Now that the design and the mechanics are pretty much up and running, I look forward to writing more stories, observations, flat out advice, and whatever else might be humorous,

 poignant, and insightful.

"I wonder if you could help me with something..."

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Coming Soon:

  • Codependency SCUBA Crisis at 60 ft Depth
  • Free Therapy: I'll Take the Pain I Know Over the Cure I Don't Know
  • The Eight Year Old's Combat Field Manual for Surviving the Family War Zone
  • Anxiety: How to Work Yourself Into a Panic in the Absence of Any Real Threats


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Carmel Merryman

What an awesome story!! I loved reading it and noticing my very own moments of "Oh I don't want to bother them, its ok if I might die!" experiences. How funny and not so funny. I love when the voice from who knows where shows up and speaks on your behalf. She is within me and loves to help out when needed as well!!

Thank you so much for sharing your life experiences Kris! Your insight and wisdom shines a beautiful light on my rich life experiences as well!


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