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Did You Feel It? Could You Tell We Were Talking About You?

Students To the Student SignI think it's only fair that someone tells you that over 400 of us got together this past Friday and we talked about you all day long. Yes, we did. We plotted to do this a year ago. We rented out the Albuquerque Convention Center downtown for the Second Annual CNM Conference on Teaching and Learning. Many of us petitioned ahead of time, requesting to talk about specific things related to you. Then, everyone else picked what they wanted to hear about you and then they talked about you, too.

We even paid an expert on you to fly in from across the country so he coulWorkshops Hand With Microphoned talk about you. He did and then we clapped. When he was done, we spread out to different rooms and we talked about you some more.

Were your ears burning? We got into some pretty animated conversations about you. In the rooms, in the halls, in the bathroom and in the ballroom. We laughed about you; some of us even teared up about you. We spent only a little bit of time talking about how sometimes you infuriate us; you can be aggravating and exhausting. But mostly, we avoided that. We set that aside and we focused on the best of who we know you - and we - can be. Of course, you inspire us; you bring us alot of joy and satisfaction.

You are the reason we are here. We love to teach you. And we spent all day Friday trying to figure out how to better teach you, to help you grow and to reach your dreams. We gathered together to share our experiences, to report on the latest research, and to translate all that into better ways to serve you - on Monday.

The diversity was grand. The carpentry teacher taught the philosophy teacher who passed it on to the math tutor who shared it with the nursing instructor who wrote it down and passed it along to the business teacher, the aerobics instructor, the academic advisor, and the dean.

I thought you would want to know that we care about you. We really do. We see you. We want to see you learn and grow and move on from here to run headlong into your now brighter future.

And when you get there, remember to drop us a line and let us know how you are doing. So we can talk about you some more.

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How refreshing to read about the collaboration and efforts of those teaching in higher education. I recently listened to an administrator read the opening lines of a leadership book. It began: "Elementary educators love their students; secondary education teachers love their topic; and professors of higher education love themselves." OUCH! You offer an example of possibility in higher education where, in my opinion, students need us to love them.

Kristin L. Roush, Ph.D.

Hi Marcy,
Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. I agree. Your many years as a professor in higher education have given you a vantage point that I respect very much. It is inspiring to know a higher education faculty member who is retiring soon without the slightest hint of burnout. I suspect that an attitude of love toward our students feeds us as well as them.


I accept this as a poem to your students! It's really quite cool!!! You are....let's see, what's appropriate?....THE BEST!!!!!!


We talk about you, too, in the same way. :)

Kristin L. Roush, Ph.D.

Hi Renee,
So nice to hear from you (a former student). Thanks so much; you're very kind. I hope you are doing well and our paths cross again. :)

Mary Maulsby

I have been a witness over the years of how much you really do love your students. I don't know how you do it, but you teach the same thing several times a day, yet you stay interested and excited to teach it. I have been to some of your classes, and you are fun, funny, interesting and compassionate. You are a great teacher, Kris. It really shows that you love your students, your topic and I respect that a lot.

Kristin L. Roush, Ph.D.

Hi Mary,
You have known me for 28 years - 10 years before I started teaching at TVI/CNM. Your perspective means alot to me and so, I am particularly touched by your words. Thank you, Mary, for seeing me.


In retirement or before... I foresee you someday, talking about this stuff on Ted Talk TV! Can't wait!!!
How lucky we in the world will be!

Kristin L. Roush, Ph.D.

Hi Cheryl,
That's very sweet, Cheryl - and a little prophetic. I was just thinking about applying to present my blog post, "I'm Codependent and Damn Proud of It!" at the next TEDX New Mexico. I don't know, Popejoy Hall would be pretty intimidating! :)


Please, please do, Kris.... Popejoy, - the Energy is sweet, it is comfortable, not so vast, very intimate, not a bad seat in the house... the sound is perfect. Phoebe Snow loved it if that helps....and you already know about me and "prophetics"...I had the vision at the beginning of this semester... trust me...the vision was a huge lecture hall at Smith-Brasher, so it is time, and a necessary step; you really are a phenomenal speaker, Kris!!! "Just Do It!"

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