Procrastination Feed

"Tomorrow is the Greatest Thief of Today"

I came up with the title of today's post as I was asking myself, "What is getting in the way of doing what I need to do today?" Was it un-anticipated tasks? Was it the Dice Today Tomorrow
temptation of "avoidance behavior" - TV, the book I want to finish, or the pleasant surprise of an invitation from a friend?  Was it circumstances outside of my control that completely de-railed my good intentions? 

No. It was none of these.  It was simply the too tempting availability of something that doesn't even exist: tomorrow. Tomorrow beckons me from less than a day away, and slowly the rest of today fades into a blur,  and tomorrow's clean slate comes into focus as a much better option to start a new project.

Today is already cluttered with distractions. Tomorrow won't have any distractions.  Except, . . . . I think I said that yesterday.